Storytelling Curriculum Vitae


School of Storytelling at Emerson College

The Craft of the Storyteller: October 2018 – January 2019

Biographical Storytelling: September 2019 – December 2019

Eco-Storytelling Collective

2019, 2020

Coaching with Michael Harvey - Internationally acclaimed storyteller

2019, 2020

House of the West Wind

Introduction to Wild Woods with Shonaleigh Cumbers: Jewish Storyteller, Drut'syla and Tradition Bearer. June -July 2020


  • Regular teller at the South Downs Storytellers and Guest House Storytellers

  • Performed “The Serpent King’s Daughter” and a solo show "Beyond the Water’s Edge- Transformative Tales from the Sea”- two-hour solo show of four transformative and ecological stories from the sea.

  • Performed by invitation at the 2019 Annual University of Brighton Sustainability Conference.

  • I lead Storytelling Walks across Sussex nature.

  • I performed as part of an ecological storytelling choir in Brighton in December 2019.

  • Over the lockdown I have told stories over online platforms to audiences from 8 to 80 people.

  • I have been featured as a professional storyteller at the online World Storytelling Café

  • I have my own Podcast “The Story Apothecary” – Healing and Medicinal Stories

  • Member of The Society for Storytelling. Storyteller indemnity insurance.