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Mental Health Storytelling Project


Mental Health through Story

"This is true medicine the world needs. Wishing you all the support you need, Nana, to reach the target and dispense these stories far and wide. They will touch, heal and inspire many souls." Chloe Dyson

I recently completed a Masters in Research degree which focused on people’s experience with medication in psychosis. The themes which emerged are ones of needing hope and individuality, of re-defining oneself when using medication, and the need for an alternative narrative about medicines in mental health. This project will allow me to take the powerful message of my research to people who need to hear it in order to instigate a positive change, and alter the narrative in healthcare in a positive direction. The performance will be inclusive and accessible for all. My hope is to decrease stigma, increase compassion and empathy. The world needs stories such as this one.

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