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The Story Apothecary

"Stories tell of adversity - fighting a dragon, escaping a witch’s oven, walking the world to be with one’s beloved, losing your skin and finding it again. So in my mind they offer hope, courage, wisdom and medicine" 

Hi, I'm Nana, and I'm an oral Storyteller. I tell stories from all around the world, but I'm most drawn to tales about nature and our relationship with her.


I was born by the Black sea in Bulgaria and sea stories are some of my favourite. After leaving Bulgaria as a young girl, I spent a number of years living in France before moving to the South coast in England. I am in love with mountains and their stories, and it is only a matter of time before I answer the Mountain's call.

With time, I am drawn back to my roots and I am currently delving into Slavic myths and folktales, including translating my own collections from Bulgarian - these are old, old stories which carry much wisdom. I also love to tell stories about about wild wise women. Baba Yaga is one of my favourites.


I've been a mental health pharmacist for almost a decade, and combining my skills and passion as a Storyteller I created "The Story Apothecary" a podcast where I dispense stories as medicine. 

I love to bring my stories out to the land, and I often lead storytelling walks where I combine the gift of the surrounding nature with the gift of stories to create a magical experience.

Some of the places where I have told before are: nature, hospitals, mental health settings, universities, at conferences and online. I have my own solo shows both live and online. 

Some of my storytelling tutors are and have been: Tradition-bearer Shonaleigh Cumbers, Roi Gal-Or and Michael Harvey.


I have also trained in Improvised Comedy with the Maydays for four years, and have been dancing Flamenco for over six years with Alvaro Guarnido and Marina Rodriguez. The fruits of those crafts are with me to this day.








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If you'd like to hire me - get in touch to discuss your ideas and wishes.  

Travel expenses are not included.


HALF A DAY (up to 3 hours): £180

FULL DAY (up to 6 hours): £300

To book a Story Walk with me - Tickets start from £22.50


"An Enchantress...Her mesmerising voice is transporting me to some faraway places" The Guardian

"An ocean of inspiration"


"Has the power in making the audience feel in safe hands"



"You held everyone spellbound and wove the magic of the stories round us all"


"Magnificent storytelling brought to life"

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