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Story Courses, Workshops, Programmes and Tellings

Here you will find storytelling evenings, as well courses and workshops with stories at their centre. Stories were never meant to be listened to and forgotten. Their richness and medicine come from their exploration, discussion and delving deeper in community. 

If you feel like you need to be at a workshop or course, and cost is the only thing stopping you, please get in touch.


Upcoming Events

  • Wild Women - 6 Months Journey into the Wild Feminine through Stories
    Wild Women - 6 Months Journey into the Wild Feminine through Stories
    Thu, 09 Nov
    09 Nov 2023, 19:30 GMT – 11 Apr 2024, 21:30 BST
    Wild Women are very much in our old stories. Celebrated, feared, loved and revered. What stirs in the depths of our bellies when we listen to them? What is a wild woman today? How do we embrace our wildness? Let’s explore these questions in the company of wild stories, and wild women.

About your guide

Nana Tomova

Nana is a traditional oral storyteller and a medicine woman. She is the creator of the Story Apothecary Podcast, which dispenses stories as medicine. 

Nana has been a storyteller over the last five years. The old stories that she tells delve into the themes of belonging, grief, and the woman's quest. She has studied with world renowned storyteller Shonaleigh, a traditional bearer from a women's lineage.

Nana has a background in mental health as a clinical pharmacist for the last decade, where she has been witness to people's most vulnerable stories. She brings humanity and sensitivity to all the work that she does. She has a deep respect and connection for the natural world, which infuses in the stories that she tells.

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