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My name is Nana Tomova, and I am the founder of the Story Apothecary

I believe that stories can help us find our place in the world. They can help us navigate our way in the darkness in times of grief, uncertainty, and growth.


 I trained as a pharmacist, and have over a decade experience of working with mental health and neurodiversity as a clinician.


I create the Story apothecary Podcast, where I dispense stories as medicine. I run Nature Story Walks and I am a Nature Guide, a Story Circle facilitator and an Independent Pharmacist Prescriber.

My Bio

Nana Tomova MPharm PgDip MRes PgCert


I trained with Roi Gal-Or in 2018, and in 2019 in biographical storytelling, and continue my training with Shonaleigh Cumbers, a Jewish tradition bearer from the Drut’syla women's tradition. I am part of her Walking the Wildwoods Course, a 3 year course by invitation.

Nature Guide

I gained my Lowland Leader Qualification in 2018, and did my Mountain Leader Training in 2019 with Bryn Williams Mountaineering. I am a member of the British Mountaineering Association.

Wilderness Mentoring with Natasha Lythgoe from the Art of Rewilding for a decade. This has included creative mentoring, the Artist Way course, photography teaching, re-wilding programmes, nature retreats, a Vision Quest as part of  "Peace, Power, Lover and Wildness Programme", and 1:1 ongoing mentoring.

Ethnobotany Level 4 course with John Rhyder at the Wood Craft School in 2022. Through this qualification I am able to run foraging walkings and workshops.

Mental Health Pharmacist

I qualified as a Pharmacist in 2010 after a 5 year masters degree. I have worked for the NHS for 10 years, as a mental health specialist clinician.

Independent Prescriber

In 2020 I qualified as an Independent Prescriber in the field of Mental Health after a year intensive programme. I now run my own part-time ADHD clinic within a family owned business, where I diagnose and prescribe within ADHD. I am privileged to listen to people's personal stories all day long.

Masters in Research

I gained my 2 year Masters in Research (MRes) in 2019 where I worked with people with an experience of psychosis to document their stories of treatment. I presented this at an international conference in 2021, and I have worked to disseminate the findings as a storytelling performance, for which I crowdfunded in 2020.

Motivational Interviewing training for 4 years with Steven Rollnick. I have delivered motivational interviewing training for the University of Brighton and for the NHS.

Non-Violent Communications with Daren De Witt in 2018, London. I then co-facilated the Brighton NVC Practice group for a year.

Sister Stories Circle Facilitation Training. Online training with Gemma Brady of Sister Stories on circle facilitation.

Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism, 2014-2016 at the Brighton Buddhist Centre, where I studied meditation and had my own regular practice. 

Meaningful Conversations about Medicines. I developed a course for healthcare practitioners based on Motivational Interviewing, Non-Violent Communications and Stories for healthcare professionals on how to have compassionate, meaningful and empowering conversations about mental health treatment with patients. 

Lecturer at the University in Brighton 2017-2022. I taught nursing students pharmacology, mental health medicines, motivational interviewing, incorporating stories in my teaching.


I'd like to thank and acknowledge my creativity and wilderness guide, Natasha Lythgoe without whom, I will still be asleep. Without her, I would not be who I am today.

Shonaleigh, who teaches me about story, respect, tradition and the power of story. 

Roi Gal-Or who opened my eyes and gave me the gift of seeing myself as a storyteller.

My beloved Ollie, whose tenderness, wisdom, creativity and love nourishes me every day.

Creativity and Nature, who I forgot existed for a while and I was lost. They feed my soul.

Stories and Community. Without which life is much greyer.

Photo curtesy of InFeathers

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