Services & Prices


Listen to Stories

Hire me to hear beautiful tales by the fireside, at your work away day, at an event or at a healthcare or wellbeing setting.


You can also hire me for story performances for a birthday or an event.

I've told stories at mother circles, at NHS away days, at mental health service users groups and at universities. I have also performed at the Brighton Fringe Festival and have my own solo storytelling performances. 

I specialise in healing stories, stories of nature, stories of women, and of ancient Slavic stories from Eastern Europe, which is where my heritage comes from. 




Fees for Storytelling:

One Hour:  From £90

Two hours curated Story Telling: From £200

(usually £200-£600)

Travel is not included.

Locations up to 7 miles from Lewes (20min driving distance) are free. Otherwise travel sots are charged at 45p per mile. 


Prices for a group story walk: £40 pp - 3 hours

Prices for a private story walk: £150 for up to 2 people for 3 hours; additional people - £20 pp

I am committed to offering stories to all that may wish to hear them. A small proportion of my work for the year is at reduced rates or as an exchange for services. If you are an individual or a small independent company with a tight budget, get in touch to discuss your needs and we might be able to work together. 


Healing Stories

One of my passions is using stories therapeutically to start difficult conversations, to offer stories as medicine and to soothe and inspire. My Podcast the Story Apothecary is all about healing stories.

I have over 10 years experience of working in healthcare as a mental health pharmacist, and bringing stories to healthcare settings holds such power and gentleness at the same time. Stories offer hope when it is most needed.

I can tell stories as part of a workshop, or we can work with healing stories in a healthcare setting for service users and carers, and healthcare professionals. 


Story Walks

Story Walks are my favourite. Listen to stories as you are immersed in nature. Stories and nature becoming one. A truly memorable and inspirational experience.  

You can join me on a group story walk or you can hire me for a private story walk.

Prices for a group story walk: £40 pp - 3 hours

Prices for a private story walk: £150 for up to 2 people for 3 hours . Additional people - £20 pp