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Welcome to the
Story Apothecary

Medicine & Wisdom of Old Stories for New Uncertain Times

Hi, I'm Nana, and I believe that the wisdom and medicine of stories can guide us to find belonging. To ourselves, and to the world. Stories are soul work.

Stories carry within them a power, a magic, a mystery. Not empty words strung together, but potent, necessary, challenging. Stories belong to the wild, in ceremonies, to gatherings around the fire, to communities coming together to witness each other. They belong to sorrow and grief; to happiness and ecstasy; to birth and loss; to the land. To mystery. 

I am a traditional oral storyteller, a medicine woman, and a nature connection guide. My stories weave together elements of Bulgarian folklore, rewilding, women's voices, and Eastern European nature-based healing.

Stories speak of descending to the underworld, of shedding your skin to reveal a true form, to walking to the Sun's palace to gain answers to impossible questions. They offer hope, courage, wisdom and medicine. That's what they have offered me. That's what they offer to all who have the ears to listen, and the heart to let them in.


The stories I tell focus on Belonging, Grief, Nature, and the Woman's Quest. 


Photo courtesy of In Feathers


" A story is like water

that you heat for your bath.

It takes messages between the fire

and your skin. It lets them meet,

and it cleans you!

Very few can sit down

in the middle of the fire itself "


I believe that everyone has a golden thread, which is why I invite you to self discover the landscapes of your being through myths and wonder tales. 

Through listening and discussing story in community, you will be enlivened to see your own life as something that is worthy of being lived, and worthy of being celebrated.

Traditional stories provide a map to inspire your own journey. Let the sea of stories guide you, as you dive to explore the myth of your life in a supportive community of like minded people.


Join us at a Story Event, Course or Gathering, - a safe space for you to come together and explore your story.

As you only have one life, you deserve the courage to live it. 

"An Enchantress...Her mesmerising voice is transporting me to some faraway places"

“Stories are medicine. They have such power; they do not require that we do, be, act anything – we need only listen.”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

We are living in unsettling, troubled, and uncertain times. Illness, climate crisis, war. And yet there is love, beauty, joy. There is always hope. 

They are all here. The difficult and the delightful; the sad and the joyous; the heartbreaking and the loving. There is not one without the other. 

So what can old stories offer? A guide, a map to the terrain of life. A guide to your true nature, a bread crumb trail to where the inner treasure is hidden. 


There has always been illness, and famine, and war. There has always been love, and heartbreak; grief and joy; loneliness and belonging.

Stories can offer us maps to our personal, and collective journey in this world. And more importantly, they can the conversations flowing about the things that are important. They have been around for at least 5000 years. We have not use changed that much in that time. We still love, grieve, seek belonging and safety, and we still hope.

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