" A story is like water

that you heat for your bath.

It takes messages between the fire

and your skin. It lets them meet,

and it cleans you!

Very few can sit down

in the middle of the fire itself "



  Hi, I'm Nana, and I believe that stories can help us find belonging in the world. 

Stories tell of adversity - fighting a dragon, walking the world to be with one’s beloved, losing your skin and finding it again. They offer hope, courage, wisdom and medicine. That's what they have offered me.


I was born by the Black sea in Bulgaria and as I moved several countries, I struggled to find belonging. As I became a storyteller, I finally came home.



I love to tell sea stories, explore Slavic myths and folktales, including translating my own collections from Bulgarian - these are old, old stories which carry much wisdom. I also love to tell stories about about wild wise women. Baba Yaga is one of my favourites, I grew up with her.

 I love being in Nature. Being outside for me is liberating and inspiring. I believe the best place to tell stories is outside, a magical experience combining nature and stories.

As a mental health pharmacist for over a decade, I know the importance of nature connection and taking some time out for ourselves.

I make the Story Apothecary Podcast, where you will find my prescriptions for Stories as Medicine.

You can read more about my story, and see my bio here



"An Enchantress...Her mesmerising voice is transporting me to some faraway places"

The Guardian